July – September 2016

Section 1: Sentinel Champions (Poems)

Jocelyn Simms

Jocelyn Simms

Jocelyn Simms – Les Fleurs D’Azur
John Wilks – sylvia plath knew my mother
Mara Adamitz Scrupe – & Bless
Elisabeth Sennitt Clough – A Smallholding in the Fens
John Darley – Still Life
Richard Law – Civil War
E K Wall – Slapton’s sand trails
John Gallas – The Markfield Tomb
David Smith – Hutton’s Unconformity

Section 2: SLQ Poetry

Matthew Friday – Speaking in Hands
John Paul Davis – Two Poems
James Bell – how the trigger works
Colin Honnor – Two Poems Ananya S. Guha – Is this me, The Country?
Ralph Keats – Gallery
Scott Thomas Outlar – Getting to Yes at All Costs
Peter Rawlings – Three Poems
Jackie Gorman – Water Memory
Simon Perchik – Untitled
J.D. DeHart – Ram’s Children
Neil Ellman – The End of Eating Everything
Gary Beck – Two Poems
Gareth Culshaw – The Screeching
John D Robinson – A Curious Nasal Profile
Diarmuid ó Maolalaí – Two Poems
David Subacci – Vision
Tom Harding – Clarity
Abigail George – Three Poems

Section 3: Sentinel Champions (Fiction)

Daniel Knibb – Extractions
Marie Chambers – In the Kingdom of Complaint
Lynne Voyce – Star Gazing with the Green Man

This issue is now being uploaded. Should be completed 27/08/2016

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