Poem by Lazola Pambo

‘I Am Of This Gender’

I am of this gender
which has been shunned by society
cursed and despised
as being immoral
I am of this gender
that lost the right to human dignity
cast-away and isolated
from social interaction
I am of this gender
perceived differently

Labelled as demonic
forsaken by people of my country
I am of this gender
who cries at night
so eager to be loved
I am of this gender
carrying these violent crooked scars
in each day I conquer
my life impediments
I am of this gender
masculine feminine



Lazola Pambo is a South African poet, novelist and essayist.  The majority of his works have been published in “The Kalahari Review,” “Aerodrome,” “New Coin,” “Nomad’s Choir,” “Black Magnolias Literary Journal,” “Sun & Sandstone,” and “Aji Magazine,” among others. You can follow him on Twitter @LPambo