Two Poems by Ogundare Tope

Happiness is being

I finally step out of my self
And walk the miles to you.
I have worn the cloak of winter for too long
And lived on dried raisins gathered in the summer
Many seasons ago
Living is empty when the heart is dry and stale
And memory becomes a bad brew of ale
Happiness comes from being –
My epiphany from intoxication on fumes of dried tears
Remnants of aged agony
From the cellar of sorrow.
In a drunken haze, I stagger into wisdom:
It takes courage to be naked.
I undress in sobriety
From the soul out,
And feel my manhood shrivel from the cold winds
Of your eyes
I step out of the pile of me
And take unsteady steps in your direction
A walk of shame
Towards redemption.


Sleeping on the same bed
Bodies touching
Hearts separated by a wall –
Travelling in different directions.

A lingering look
Radiant smiles
Arms locked
Weeping hearts
Picture perfect

Smiling faces
Cold eyes
Hearts at war

Bodies locked
In an intimate dance
Body double.


Ogundare Tope is a lover of books and music. He is a scientist by day, unraveling the mystery of the mind, and by night a writer- lost in the world of words. His poems have appeared in 2 anthologies, and in online and print magazines. He blogs at