Desire in the Cheap Seats – a poem by Robin Lindsay Wilson

Robin Lindsay Wilson

Desire in the Cheap Seats

smoke entertains him
as foolish chorus girls
lift it to their bosoms
with a scoop of feathers

it pulls a strap out of place
then crosses the limelight
to make him swallow

as it shakes and sways
in the body-heat breeze –
climbing the dead smiles
of half naked starlets
he wants to applaud

a half turn and a high-kick
sends smoke tumbling
along red velvet aisles
to twist under trouser legs-
flipping loose the buttons
on his swollen crotch

when percussive pink hips
lift his soul with a roar
and drum the male ovation
from the Pit to the Gods
he bursts into tears

as the orchestra moans
falters then beats a pulse –
he stands inside the fug
to shout out his demons

‘Desire in the Cheap Seats’ was commended in the Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition (August 2016) judged by Terry Jones.