Editorial Note

It is with great pleasure we introduce you to the October – December 2016 issue of the Sentinel Literary Quarterly magazine. This quarter we have succeeded in releasing the magazine online and in print as we used to do in the past. The difference today is that the entire issue is available to read ‘at no cost’ on the net. We choose to say ‘at no cost’ rather than use the word ‘free’ in other not to cheapen the expensive creative products of many minds published here.

We recognise of course that with the entire issue available online at no cost, there is not a particularly compelling reason for anyone to spend £6 on the magazine + £2.99 for post and packaging to obtain the print version.

Let’s try these for compelling reasons then;
(a) Reading online may be great but the feel of paper is greater. True? Yes.
(b) The paperback on your bookshelf or a copy you sign and give away as a gift to a friend, relative, your old school or local library is …priceless.
(c) Sentinel Literary Quarterly will make a margin of around £1.57 on each copy sold. This will be a huge encouragement to us, but will go right back into running the magazine, paying for hosting the website and other associated costs.
If these don’t persuade you to part with under nine quid for something you can get at no cost in another format, please call or text me on 07812755751 and I am sure I will sell it to you. I will show you that literature loves a cheerful magazine buyer or subscriber.

What about the print version of back issues?
Good question. The past issues currently published online only will now have the paperback versions published too. We have promised this in the past but it turned out to be not too practical. We have worked out a way to do it now. This is by pushing ourselves to release a print issue every month until we catch up. Here is a schedule to watch over the next few months:

October – December 2016 – (Online  and print versions done.)
July – September 2016 – (Online done. Print version due 10-December-2016)
January – March 2017 – (Online and print versions due 31-January-2017)
April – June 2016 – (Online done. Print version due 28-February-2017)
January – March 2016 – (Online done. Print version due 31-March-2017)
April – June 2017 – (Online and print versions due 30-April-2017)

Fiction submissions
The email address fictioneditor@sentinelquarterly.com is currently closed. All fiction submissions should be sent to editor@sentinelquarterly.com. Apologies to so many people who have tried in the last few months to submit fiction and their submissions failed.


Great appreciation and thank you to Mandy Pannett – our poetry editor, for her unwavering belief in SLQ and her eyes and ears for good poetry. Her commitment to Sentinel Literary Quarterly is greater than mine. Analyse that, because I am totally and passionately committed to SLQ, yet Mandy’s commitment is greater than mine. She will continue to be blessed in every way.

Many thanks also to our contributors who have kept the faith through our often rough journey. Sentinel Literary Quarterly is your magazine and please don’t be shy if you want to have a bigger role beyond submitting your work. We are particularly keen on literary bloggers who would like to blog about all and everything about literature to provide fresh content all year round between our quarterly issues. Let’s have a conversation about your ideas. editor@sentinelquarterly.com

Happy Reading


Nnorom Azuonye Managing Editor

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