The whisper of stars – by Eithne Cullen

The whisper of stars

Chilling, it is below fifty degrees
in an icy tundra- desolate, bare,
the very breath that leaves you starts to freeze
and droplets turn to crystals in the air;

they hang a moment, to the ground they fly…
and shatter, just like little glassy shards,
look down it is like looking at the sky,
they have named it: the whisper of the stars.

At home, a watcher of the skies, in bed,
holds up a smart phone with a special app,
and constellations loom above his head:
the universe unfolds with this sky map.

Spread out like a rug on the earthy floor,
shooting off to the edge of outer space;
or reaching like the pebbles on the shore
the stars and planets’ patterns interlace.

‘The whisper of stars’ by Eithne Cullen was commended in the Sentinel Annual Poetry Competition 2015 judged by Afam Akeh