Results and Adjudication Report – SLQ Poetry Competition February 2017

Mandy Pannett – Judge

We are pleased to announce the results of the Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition (February 2017) judged by Mandy Pannett.

1st Prize – Potholes – by Pat Borthwick
2nd Prize – Swallows to Plett Bay. SA. by Val Bridge
3rd Prize – In Which I Tell My Blues by Al Mcclimens

Highly Commended – Literacy by Sam Burns
Highly Commended – By the Rice Paddy by Ion Corcos
Highly Commended – Workinkitchen by Laura Thompson

Commended – Catching the Train by Catherine Edmunds
Commended – Lascaux Horse by Ciarán Parkes
Commended – Virgil Sends a Postcard Home by Al McClimens

The winning and commended poems will be published in the Sentinel Champions section of Sentinel Literary Quarterly on 30.04.2017

For the full results and adjudication report go to: 0217-results