Rehan Qayoom



The hardest worked waters wore out
The rivers lost in time
Perhaps it is a way to maintain happiness without people
To fly freely from

This close-staying comprehension
Over my shoulder
Is like the mother of that trellised place that hurt you

Panther-prowl-me now oneiromancing our what have you
This senescence, this suture, this source of the sauce
And you will no longer have those grizzly bear nightmares
Nor dream of those skeletal gargoyles bleating
Inevitably, we’re going to have to want to live.


©2015 Rehan Qayoom


Rehan Quayoom is a poet, editor and translator from London, UK.  He writes poetry in both English and Urdu and his work has featured in numerous literary publications and anthologies.  His poems ‘Pygmalion’ and ‘Soliloquy‘ have featured in previous issues of the Sentinel Literary Quarterly.