January–March 2015


roger elkinOur Guest Writer for the January – March issue of Sentinel Literary Quarterly is multi award-winning poet Roger Elkin, author of 11 poetry collections including Marking Time, Blood Brothers, Fixing Things, Bird in Hand, and Chance Meetings. Here are Six Poems by Elkin and Interview by Mandy Pannett..



Mandy Pannett – The Sentinel Literary Quarterly Interview with Roger Elkin


SHORT STORIES (Sentinel Champions)

Eithne Cullen – Dragon Fruit

David Woodfine – The King

Val Ormrod – Fat

Martin Fuller – The Murder and Suicide of Red Mist

Pete Pitman – The Urban Fox

Lynne Voyce – Bee Keeping in Alaska

Helen Victoria Anderson – Honey Versus Custard

Sharon Boyle – Temperance Tune


POEMS (Sentinel Champions)

Julian Dobson – After

Alison J Powell – Mobius

Anthony Watts – Liturgies

Michelle Bonczek Evory – Chilson Founder’s Day Harvest Festival

Shittu Fowora – We Are All Waters

Dominic James – Quince Zone

Yvonne Reddick – Finger-Wing

Seán Street – The Catastrophe of Tapes

Mike Bannister – The Terminology of Bells


POEMS (Standard Submissions)

Abraham Ogebe Odunduwa – Love Like a Rat Race / Where Do Dreams Die / Childhood Memories. Three Poems

Carrie Ichikawa Jenkins – Use this Compass

Tom Pescatore – I Dwell in Milk

Sarah Gonnet – Metamorphism

Daisy Johnson – Emma Darwin and the Apocalypse

Changming Yuan – Han Xin: An Idiomatic Illustration of China / Generative Grammar: An Idiot’s Idiom / History Reviewed: The Secret of Mongolian Empire. Three Poems

Dane Cobain – Mothball Mountain

Pijush Kanti Deb – The Dogmatic Masculinity

Yoshira Marbel – Little Soldier

Okoye C. C. Ezeamalukwuo – The Music of the Flute (Part IV)

Tessa Foley – Dry Clean January

Laura Solomon – Sky Burial

Nick Cooke – Swiss Air

Gareth Culshaw – Cuttings