July – September 2016

slq-originaljuly-sept2016I warmly welcome you to the July-September 2016 issue of Sentinel Literary Quarterly (print).

The Sentinel Champions Poetry and Fiction sections have the majority winning and commended poems and short stories from the Sentinel Annual Poetry and Short Story Competitions 2015 judged by Afam Akeh and Alex Keegan respectively. The Sentinel Champions (poetry) section also includes the winning and commended poems from the Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition (May 2016) judged by Mandy Pannett. Not included in this publication are Sharon Black’s poem ‘Naming the Colour’, which the author did not want published, and D.R.D Bruton’s short stories ‘Thirteen Wedding Dresses’ and ‘Breathless’. Following a detailed critical feedback by Alex Keegan, Mr Bruton chose to completely rework the stories and only when he is satisfied they are ready would he offer them for publication. We respect that. Mandy Pannett’s ‘Wings’ will appear in another issue of the magazine.

We are now publishing the print version of this issue many months after the online version appeared. Those who prefer hard copies of the magazine are welcome to buy the paperback from www.spmpublications.com/shop

All the contents of this magazine are available to read at no cost online, of course.

Many thanks to our contributors and readers for on-going support for this magazine. Mandy Pannett in the poetry driving seat and I looking after the fiction, drama and features sections, are poised make the coming issues even more exciting.

Happy Reading
Nnorom Azuonye


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Section 1: Sentinel Champions (Poems)

Jocelyn Simms – Les Fleurs D’Azur
John Wilks – sylvia plath knew my mother
Mara Adamitz Scrupe – & Bless
Elisabeth Sennitt Clough – A Smallholding in the Fens
John Darley – Still Life
Richard Law – Civil War
E K Wall – Slapton’s sand trails
John Gallas – The Markfield Tomb
David Smith – Hutton’s Unconformity
Al McClimens – Keats on the Moon
Audrey Ardern-Jones – Sight Beyond
Anne M. Carson – Vintage Song
Heather Combe – De Motu Cordis (On the Motion of the Heart)
Eithne Cullen – The Whisper of Stars
Mary Rozmus-West – Upon a Night
Seán Street – Liverpool Bay
Ruth Calway – Homing Bird
Aelred Down – Redacted
Noel Williams – Two Poems: ‘Return to Kabul, 1990’ and ‘Overgrown’
A C Clarke – In the Walled Garden
Oonah V Joslin – Toronto Girl
Catherine Faulds – Austral
Philip Burton – Garments
Diane Cook – Strix Aluco

Section 2: SLQ Poetry

Matthew Friday – Speaking in Hands
John Paul Davis – Two Poems
James Bell – how the trigger works
Colin Honnor – Two Poems
Ananya S. Guha – Is this me, The Country?
Ralph Keats – Gallery
Scott Thomas Outlar – Getting to Yes at All Costs
Peter Rawlings – Three Poems
Jackie Gorman – Water Memory
Simon Perchik – Untitled
J.D. DeHart – Ram’s Children
Neil Ellman – The End of Eating Everything
Gary Beck – Two Poems
Gareth Culshaw – The Screeching
John D Robinson – A Curious Nasal Profile
Diarmuid ó Maolalaí – Two Poems
David Subacci – Vision
Tom Harding – Clarity
Abigail George – Three Poems

Section 3: Sentinel Champions (Fiction)

Daniel Knibb – Extractions
Marie Chambers – In the Kingdom of Complaint
Lynne Voyce – Star Gazing with the Green Man
Colin Watts – Grapefruit Moon
Dianne Bown-Wilson – Bean Counter
Chris Heyward – Getting Started
Paul McDonald – Touched for the Very First Time