Our Weekly Newsletter will go out every Friday from the 6th of July 2018. This is different from the general Sentinel Writing & Publishing Newsletter which goes out twice a month.  Every week, we will feature the following:
FRIDAY WRITER – a quick interview with Featured Writer, examples of his/her work, and where they can be purchased or accessed for free. If you know a writers who are doing good things and need to be exposed more, why not suggest them to editor@sentinelquarterly.com with Friday Writer in the subject line.
FUTURE FEATURES – Information on authors due to appear upcoming issues of Sentinel Literary Quarterly.
SLQ REVIEW CHALLENGE – Reviews of Sentinel Literary Quarterly Magazine. We invite you to read any issue of our magazine and write a review of the entire magazine, a single story, a play, or a suite of poems. Every reviewer whose work is published will be entered into a lucky dip prize draw to win a print copy of SLQ.
COMPETITION NEWS – Information about our writing competitions.
REGULAR GIVEAWAYS – Every Friday, we will have something to give away.


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