October – December 2015

Poems: Nick Cooke – Mycanae, Stanley Princewill McDaniels – These Issues Won’t Hold Us Back, Seth Jani – Alembic, David Olsen – Photographing Pont du Gard, Gareth Culshaw – Condensing, Mitchell Grabois – Seismic Year, Gary Beck – Neutral Impulse, Lind Grant-Oyeye – A Walk by the Nile, Asante Lucy Mtenje – Two Poems, April Salzano – Two Poems, A.J. Huffman – Two Poems, Emily Critchley – Brighton: Saturday Evening, David Ishaya Osu – Froths, M.J. Mellor – Cogs, Tom McDade – Visiting Elsa Whitt, Neal Kirchner – The Rain, Mazhun Idris – Life Circuit, Benedict Dowling – Victorian Newsclip, Rachel Gardiner – A Lonely Christmas, Madison Austin – Homeless,
Reviews: Rehan Qayoom – Review of A Memoir of Ted Hughes, Review of Endless: A Literate Passion, Nick Cooke – Review of Anthony Costello’s The Mask. Mandy Pannett – Review of Neil Elder’s Codes of Conduct,
Fiction: Fiona Marshall – I Know I am Loved.
Essays: Nick Cooke – Larkins ‘Giant Ribbing’ – Part 1, Part 2.