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amu nnadi monday writer
Monday Writer, a new weekly feature from Sentinel Literary Quarterly kicks off on Monday 6th July 2020 with award-winning Nigerian poet, amu nnadi.

Read the interview and his poems here.

Mike Farren  


Touching twenty in the daytime: we walk
the valley of fairy chimneys. On returning,
the village woman in the headscarf, who could
be any age between thirty and sixty, Read on>>>


Jocelyn Simms

It was the silence  

that caught you out –
like the soft middle of a meringue.  

Like waking on an opalescent cloud,
or thinking yourself lolling
on a branch of a white cherry tree,
scents mizzling your head... Read on>>>


Dan Keeble - Her fingertips brush the tassels of the lampshade. / She holds a cinquième below the dulling light. /...Hungarian Dance 4th November 1956

Alessio Zanelli - Six poems

Simon Tindale - I can’t drink like I did before / the doctor found me at death’s door. / Worst case that she ever saw. /...Two Doors

Jim Friedman - Hunting huge animals, / stickmen like burnt matches / run across a cave wall. /... Stickmen

Paul Nash - In the referral classroom, nowhere bound, You make a fit mascot for this company Of fleet sprites turned to snails who can’t fly free, / ...The Albatross at Langdon School

Mark Saunders - Framed in a plastic chair / laid out rust brown paint-splash-like beside the judo / mats, not contemplating suicide, with a book / on prescription, thinking /... Breakfall

Paul Sedgley - But just here, for a frozen instant, / A man in a lemon waistcoat stands, / Staring at a damaged filament. /...Mycelium glioblastoma tarmacadam

Jacob Dengate - People squint in the street, bathed in the flashing lights /
Sirens scream in the dark, shadows dart for shelter /...A Sojourn in Suburbia

Richard Westcott - His wound-up crozier straightens out / tightened springs unwind, releasing  / frondy fingers first, tipped with soft new nails /
...Return of the Green Man

Andrew Muggeridge  - like being tangled in still heartstrings / or drinking from
the wrong chalice. / ...notes on disconnect

Michael Caines - A common scene that’s weirdly past forgetting: / him waxing parliamentary down the Bird / ... Buffoon

Monday Writer
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Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition

The July 2020 competition to be judged by Terry Jones is now accepting entries.
First Prize: £250.00
Second Prize: £100.00
Third Prize: £50.00
For the full range of prizes, terms and to enter now, go to competition page>>

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