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Publication update.
Sentinel Literary Quarterly magazine has missed two issues; April-June and July-September 2019.
We shall be releasing three issues between now and end of the year then keep the momentum
without missing an issue or being late at all in 2020. The April-June issue will be published on 24th October, followed by the July-September and October-December on 23rd November and 20th December respectively. We apologise for letting you down while we re-organised the operations.
If you have any questions email

- Poetry -

Duty of Care - Peter Wyton
Winter Morning Visit to the Sun King's Palace - Gabriel Griffin
You asked me - John Foggin
The Wonder Years - Neil Flynn
Between us - Iona May
Trees - Paul Fleckney
Tinted Glasses - Angelena Demaria
Leaves - Wendy Klein
Garden and Scrabble with Mother - Giles Goodland
The Guy - Sean Boustead
Rhinoceros - Mark Totterdell
We Lived in a Beautiful House - Hannah-Lee Osborn
No Last Line – Julie Anne Gilligan

- Competition -

Dr Oz Hardwick
Oz Hardwick
will judge the November 2019
Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition
closing on 30th November.

This competition is for original, previoously
unpublished poems in English language, on any subject, in any style, up to 50 lines long.

Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition
Prizing poetry...since July 2009

Learn more and enter competition now.

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