ayoola oyeniyi

Ayoola Oyeniyi


Sing to the sun of

Whisper for peace to the
Crying child of milk stored
In cisterns once loved.

Take off the frozen mask

The world is a lie
Take up the chosen axe
Mark the spot and
Slash rigidly an undying
Dilemma into the effigy
Of the man you planned
In the sands before the sun
Breaks your heart too
With the concept of time.

Sing quietly in the dark
To the memories of those that
Died beneath the sun,
Their hands holding dreams, still.
Just stilled.

I am the breath of the wind
I am the first word of the river
I am the song of the sun
I live uncaught,
Forever, a dream of words
Undying ink loving paper.


Stifling contempt
I must be rubbing shoulders with the devil daily
Unabashedly , I wear a cloak of shame
I am that accused of depravity
Instead I bring equanimity,

Your soul I think I have sold
In exchange for mine to the devil, really
You need to walk with me
For a piece I might give
With these kisses hovering
An election to be wicked and happy
Or prim, sober and nastily sad.

Angels, my kisses, hover over all
My thoughts and some of yours
While you wait to snatch off the
Rack your soul the devil will barbecue
Tonight for dinner in hell.

Come for dinner.

I am with God now.

I must have forgotten your soul
With the devil.
Sorry . God made me a better deal.
You can come here soulless,
This is my church, everyone cries at home
Except me. You know where I cry.

Or will you be for me a soulless soul-mate,
Like sharing kidneys or kisses
Silently beneath an indifferent half-moon
With my best friend, while I watch quietly
From my love’s window.

Talk to the devil,
You will make best friends, tied by mutual bonds
Those flames of hell won’t break really.

Step away from me,
Right now flee in seven ways
So I can’t follow and
Merge, away from me beneath the
Cicatrix of the seven rivers of blood
Flowing from the small cut beneath my heart
That night I dreamt suicide caught within your arms brutally.

Step off of me
The world is old
There is nothing new
But new ways to die.

Go easy and away.

The Broken world

The wind that sings
My name strips the
Trees of leaves,

My mother had a baby,
The world is in trouble, too.

Now I can be a doctor,
I too, know what is wrong with
Daddy, why he was so angry when
I ate up the last piece of fish (protein)
In the cooking pot,
Why he didn’t accept my
View that I was helping the fish
Escape mama’s spicy sauce.

Everybody turned away while
Mama cried, muttering words
To comfort their sense of guilt at
Mama’s grief.

Daddy is broke,
For the first time since
I first saw him, that was why
He broke out and broke a cane
Over my skin, till my red blood
Cells, clotted at the edge of the broken
Skin, like that at the neck of the goat that was
Killed to celebrate my brother’s new life,
On the eighth day after mama woke me,
Screaming, Papa crying too, almost,
And I had to stay with Mama Mide
Across the street, till my Papa came
With pictures of my new brother on his phone,
It’s a video camera phone, see.

Mama cried,
That night I rescued that fish
And papa broke the cane,
But I watched the t.v today
And saw the pretty woman
Arguing with the fat man in a tight suit
About why the whole world is broke.

Maybe we might escape the funeral,
I‘ll tell papa, tonight.

My mother had a baby
But he died on the
ninth day,
After I knew his name.

This wind that screams
My name strips the
Trees of branches.

One response to “AYOOLA OYENIYI

  1. This are brilliant pieces from a co-poet, a brother and a friend

    El Tigre
    you are yet another carved tom-tom
    making echoes beyond the shores
    living, leaning and piercing
    if only you would give me a chance
    to tap on your tom-tom

    Thumbs up!

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