Sentinel Literary Quarterly Short Story Competition April 2011

Competition Details

Subject: Stories may be on any subject or style and MUST NOT have been previously published, posted on a website or blog. Stories posted on members-only writing groups for workshop purposes as part of the creative process are not deemed to have been previously published.

Length: Maximum 1500 words per story.

Entry Fees: £5.00 per story, £9.00 for 2 stories, £12.00 for 3 stories. (You may enter as many stories as you wish – with the appropriate fees. All 3-story entrants receive a FREE Sentinel Champions #4 e-book )

First Prize: £150.00
Second Prize: £60.00
Third Prize: £40.00

First Publication: The three winning stories and three highly commended stories will receive first publication in Sentinel Champions – Selected Poems & Short Stories from the Sentinel Literary Quarterly Writing Competition Series. (This magazine appears in print and e-book formats) Up to 6 stories in total, subject to quality, from this competition will be published in Sentinel Champions Magazine in November 2011.

Entries Deadline: 20th March, 2011 Results due: 30th April, 2011 announced in Sentinel Literary Quarterly magazine at

Judge: JUDE DIBIA, author of Walking with Shadows (2005), and Unbridled (2007)

Competition Administration: Sentinel Poetry Movement


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