Susan Skinner reviews All the Invisibles by Mandy Pannett

Mandy Pannett’s poetry has its own musical quality that threads through each poem and leads each one to its natural conclusion. On the back of these rhythms we are taken through time and space to varying landscapes:


He know a rock upon the moors

That legend says was once a Troll.

From Stunted


to animals:


All he can tell is that his world

His scary and stinking-of-animals world

From A Mesolithic slant.


to Nordic mythological beasts and people, such as Ask and Embla who were created at the beginning of time out of driftwood. In this collection we can also find a variety of painters and poets (Durer, Ravilious, Seurat, Keats) and historical events – we even hear the voice of a horse from the Bayeux Tapestry!  We are in an illuminated world where viewpoints allow all the invisibles to hide in-between.


To read these poems is to peep through a kaleidoscope where colours and objects shift and shake and where momentary illuminations of scene and feeling are juxtaposed by images that make a prism for the poems.


Mandy Pannett uses many forms of poetry, from sonnet to free verse. She excels in choosing the right form for each poem.


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