Álvaro Fierro

Why the Gold Passes Away

I don’t recall
why the gold passes away,

in what seesawing of the water it swoons

when the translucency pulls it down

from its airborne channels

and it lapses in a shiver,


why it decides to fade away

until the following light

without letting even this plea

past my lovesick lips,


why it abandons its ages,

its reasons

and sets off to beneath the surface

of the attentive gaze


just as if it desired to store up its glories

in ancient coffers

that everyone who has looked upon them

leaves at the doors of the inexpressible,


why it dreams in its tombs,

why it doesn’t stop resounding

when the painter finishes the canvas.


Translations (2013) Steve Cranfield and Claudio Tedesco from The Glance in the Water (La mirada en el agua) (2013)

Alvaro Fierro SLQ

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