A ‘Common’s Affair – a poem by Alex Bickley

Alex Bickley

A ‘Common’s Affair

If I were to hold beauty in the palm
of my hand – as a pebble lodged between
my forefinger and thumb, then dropped at arms
length. It would fall, black as coal on the line
at Adlestrop Station; it would half stain
the wet grass of the country, rubbing off
onto my fingers like mud in the rain.
The rain that fell on Edward sailing off
to France in that uniform Helen spoke
of – her lover, her poet, now Khaki
as a soldier, with his words to evoke
back the horrors of war. The shade of a tree
by the flower beds. An imitation
of the ‘Common, and beds of the station.

A ‘Common’s Affair by Alex Bickley received a special mention in the Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition (August 2018) judged by Roger Elkin.

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