A Lonely Christmas – a poem by Rachel Gardiner




The mistletoe sways in the draught of the incoming guests, hanging

expectantly at the front door,


berries white and pure, flirting with the notion of a tryst below

its wild, smooth leaves


…………. yet this evergreen


…………….. is never seen


It hangs in dismay as people pass and laugh,


Christmas fun, …. games to be played, …. and songs to be sung,


What is this joy of Christmas?  …. a season to share, a moment to

contemplate … and a time to love


The mistletoe falls still, … all have arrived, the door no longer gives

momentum to its verve,


a stalactite of tradition that oversees the expression of love and



… in solitude


Festive joy too selfish to notice this lonely branch,


Then a face of freckles and blue sparkling stars looks up in admiration

and bewilderment,


and as her mother’s hands embrace her plump fair cheeks, …. kissing

away all doubt,


…… the mistletoe sways with joy and bestows a berry,  


…….. a gift for being a friend.


Rachel Gardiner, a full time Mother of four, lives in Manchester. She has been writing poetry for a number of years and has recently formed her own poetry website.  She continues to write full time, and hopes one day soon to fulfil her life-long dream of having her own book published.

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