My Horizon and the Sea – poem by Chimalum Nwankwo

Chimalum Nwankwo

My Horizon and the Sea

Woman of the deep sea
New guardian of my horizon
The open sea calls my tired heart to set sail
It sings a song of distances
Painting a world of mirages

Wind and waves tug at my veins
And my mane of sturdy stallions

For just a while
Time cordons off my gate from the red hurricanes
And their hot desert of wild dreams
Mulling dirge or serenade

But suddenly
A white clarion rolls a song to me
It is the voice of my eagle woman
It is my bird of distances
Promising me a rain of jewels
In its streamer of great feathers
Energy blows in the notes
Death is not good!

My crest of warm blood storms into the horizon
And my healing heart rides the billows
With its sound of evening bells
There is no memory of brambles
And no tales of winces and tales of welts
And sounds of grimaces are gentlest zephyrs

A timbre of wild flowers wail out to you
Driving my blood like a great rain wind
It s melody is a rush of strange blushes
Dreaming of a name that will endure
Plucking blossoms from old thunderclouds

Ecstasy laces your voice of pigeons
Riding on the ballast your heart grants me
Mumbling again that death is not good!
And roaring blossoms name you my great horizon
And they also name you my open sea.

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