We Lived in a Beautiful House – poem by Hannah-Lee Osborn



We Lived in a Beautiful House


There’s someone in the corner.


He counts the breaths I take

smells out my chicken heart

stinks of something freshly dead


but this room is not big enough for two.

I push the bed


across the Chinatown carpet floor



he comes and sits on the end

he sits on my legs

he sits on my chest


until the stench of his hound dog breath

slaps my face.

He whispers, you know my name

you know my name


you know my name.


It’s true that I have seen him in dreams

the kind you wake from with sweat


but I’m a woman of no religion


so, when he calls himself the devil

I think maybe

he’s just someone I used to know.


We Lived in a Beautiful House by Hannah-Lee Osborn won second prize in the Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition  (November 2018) judged by Dominic James.


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