Neil Flynn


limp-wristed boy your ear is in my mouth
I am telling you the secrets of life you are
shaping like my nose is a snout I am a pig
stuck in your business my tongue blurring your
apple-eyed sketch of the world cut lawns
hedgerows April daffodils washed sheets always
on time dinners who is looking out for you
you make your first inglorious pass at her in
the library demurs what are you doing?! cry
in the toilet mirror reeking baby’s bottom
sprinkled talcum powder sneezing how now
brown cow how now droopy-eyed droopy-
lipped limb-wristed boy my hand is on your
heartbeat feel me riding your waves the heat
your blood my eau de toilette listen to me
pimples listen to me blushing blood on
the road no operation can remake your biome
suck it up words in a stew you’re good at stewing
words on paper spilling through you like sand
through your hands wake up smell the cordite on
your sleepless breath only one way the wind blows
limp-wristed boy surprise me your prowess
on the football pitch where is it when you crave
it the real world? see her again smiles a primrose
on a grey market street blinds your eyes maybe
just maybe fledge from self-fallen leaf fallen angel
running to stand on tallest tree catch the rain
before she does let the lightning hit you first
let her stroll the limp-wristed ashes of your
remains limp-wristed boy your remains my
remains you are not worthy of her your shame
my name written in the rain my name I love you
no matter how long I love you the day I love you
limp-wristed boy keep us safe we burn through
atmospheres avalanching adolescence survive the crush
blush insatiate lust bum fluff Becker’s nevus trembling
lips walk the waters of the flood flood the waters
of the mind swelling out your eyes ears cock
mouth drowning as you breathe living as you
die you beautiful beautiful limp-wristed boy

The Wonder Years by Neil Flynn was highly commended in the Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition (February 2019) judged by Mandy Pannett.

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