Paul Nash

The Albatross at Langdon School

In the referral classroom, nowhere bound,
You make a fit mascot for this company
Of fleet sprites turned to snails who can’t fly free,
Your eyes fixed blindly on the bright playground.
How long since they were real, and you could see
Silver shoals flashing through tourmaline canyons,
Glide homeward to your seldom-seen companion’s
Greeting, or spot your human enemy?
Above the ocean’s rage, St Elmo’s fire
Streaming aloft from yardarm and masthead,
You, angel of the wind, would rest a spell
As the crew toiled, dwarfed by the looming swell,
Then return to the turbulent empire
You ruled once, when those tireless wings could spread.

The Albatross at Langdon School by Paul Nash received a Special Mention in the Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition (November 2019) judged by Oz Hardwick.

Paul Nash, born in London of Anglo-Irish parentage and living in Ireland since the age of 8, is a graduate and Ph.D of Trinity College, Dublin, former lecturer and teacher and has worked throughout the Internet era as a technical and multimedia writer, editor and designer. He has won some modest awards for verse and songs, including second in the Outposts magazine competition, third in the Leek Festival competition and most recently first in the Edgeworthstown festival competition and third in the Ledbury festival competition. He has also been shortlisted in the Bridport and Rush competitions and longlisted in the National Poetry Competition and eight times in the Fish Publishing competition. In 2017 he resumed publishing poems and appeared in Eyewear’s Best New British and Irish Poets 2017 anthology and in the Dublin magazine Flare. He is an active songwriter and composer under the name Alphasun, with three albums of music published online on Spotify, iTunes and Bandcamp.

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