Al Mcclimens

Nietzsche in Torino

“Ideas and products and messages and behaviors spread like viruses do” (2000:7)
M. Gladwell

Wasn’t it Friedrich Nietzsche who said, ‘We are
where we are’. Listen carefully, you can hear
Wagner in the background, all muscular Rheingold
sunsets and dodgy ideology. Ah, no, I’m being told
it was colloquial usage, early twenty first century.
An easy mistake to make. Now, where was I?
Lombardy in lockdown.
………………………….Nietzsche wrote, of course.
Then went mad. They say the sight of a horse
being whipped was the tipping point. Gladwell
at the millennium. Ecco Homo. Contagion fell
across the city. The Alps shrank in the distance.
Funny how little things can make a big difference.
But we are where we are, as someone once said,
somewhere, about something I once read.

Nietzsche in Torino by Al Mcclimens won 3rd Prize in the Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition (March/April 2020) judged by Mandy Pannett.

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