Dalí Eating Sea Urchins


Windfalls (you’d think) from a marine sweet chestnut,
their spines still slowly quiver.
He finds scissors. Digs in

cutting a circle through each unresisting
anus, flips off the round of shell
like the lid of a jar. Snaps the rest

in two as he might a peeled orange.
Five glistening lobes in each half, nestling
in a puddle of dark brine. He drains

and rinses them, scoops out
ten mouthfuls of sex – salt cream
dissolving on his tongue –

licks his fingers slow and thorough,
tasting the creature’s final throb, seasoned
with guilt: the sweeter for that.

‘Dalí Eating Sea Urchins’ by A.C. Clarke won second prize in the Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition (July 2020) judged by Terry Jones.

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