Michael Brown – ‘A Photograph of the Author, Aged 9’

A Photograph of the Author, Aged 9

taken as read by a stranger as object of compassion as sent
by a mother as instant as indictment as dated on back in a
father’s angular hand Mike, age nine 74/75? as close-up
unsmiling in colour as oldest of three (brothers) as memory
of us as time as self-conscious with drooping eye as pupil as
boy as part of some other life as once as newly arranged
archive as square of light as set beside a polaroid of a wife as
child as dust as framing a face (you think) you half-recognise

Michael Brown

Michael’s work has been published widely in magazines including The Rialto, Southword, The North and others. He was selected by Clare Pollard for a Northern Writers’ Award (New North Poets) in 2017.

He was placed second in York Poetry competition 2019. He has twice been shortlisted in the Basil Bunting Award and in 2018 won the Wirral Firsts Poetry Competition and was commended in the McLellan Prize by Sinead Morrissey.

His pamphlets, Undersong (2014) and Locations for a Soul (2016) are available from Eyewear Publishing and Templar respectively.
His first collection, Where Grown Men Go, was published by Salt in Autumn 2019.

‘A Photograph of the Author, Aged 9’ won third prize in the Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition (January 2021) judged by Oz Hardwick.

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