22nd October 2021

Sentinel Champions Stories #1 – Miles Salter
In July 2009, Sentinel Literary Quarterly launched a new poetry competition series. It was fiercely contested. Judged by Andy Willoughby and Bob Beagrie, Miles Salter (then writing as Miles Cain) emerged winner of the first and second prizes with “Coffee” and “Enemy Funeral” respectively. FULL STORY >>

There are some things I’ve realised in 20 something years  / such as / whales are bigger than / any other thing in the universe / that is smaller than a whale. /…

This is how A Poem (written on the back of a disability allowance rejection letter) by Donzo begins. This poem received a special mention in the Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition (July 2021) judged by Paul McDonald.

Donzo is a 20 year old Irish artist who has recently entered the poetry scene. They enjoy creating art in many different forms through music, painting, and writing. “A Poem (written on the back of a disability allowance rejection letter)” is their first poem. READ POEM>>

Closing 31 October 2021 | Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition 

Rachel Long

For original previously unpublished poems in English language, on any subject, in any style, up to 50 lines long. £630 prize fund. Judge: Rachel Long – author of My Darling from the Lions.


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