Nnorom Azuonye

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Nnorom trained as a Dramatic Artist at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, graduating in 1990, winning the Academic Prize for Best Graduating student in the Department of Dramatic Arts that year. In 1991 he received the Best Poet Award at the Cultural Centre Board, Calabar, Nigeria. His play, A Tasty Taboo received its world premiere in April 1990 and then toured. Author of Letter to God & Other Poems (2003) and The Bridge Selection: Poems for the Road (2005), he has co-edited Blue Hyacinths (2010: with Geoff Stevens) and Sentinel Annual Literature Anthology (2011: with Unoma Azuah and Amanda Sington-Williams). He founded the Sentinel Poetry Movement in December 2002 and served as Founding Editor of Sentinel Poetry (online) Dec. 2002-Feb 2005, and Dec. 2007-Oct. 2008. He edited Sentinel Poetry Quarterly (Print magazine) from July 2004-December 2005, and edited Sentinel Literary Quarterly from October 2007 to July 2010. He is also the Founder and Publisher of Sentinel Nigeria (www.sentinelnigeria.org) – the online magazine of contemporary Nigerian writing. Nnorom who lives in London with his wife and two children is the Director of Operations and Creative Services at Eastern Light EPM International – an Entertainment, Publishing, Marketing and Web Services company. His poems, short stories, essays, and interviews have appeared in several international anthologies, journals and newspapers including Voices Against Racism: 100 Poems Against Racism (1998), For the Love of God (2004), Songs for Wonodi (2009), Sentinel Annual Literature Anthology (2011), Sketchbook, Agenda, Poetry Monthly, DrumVoices Revue, Orbis, The Guardian (Nigeria), Eclectica Magazine, Keystone, Theatre Forum, Flair (Belgium), Opon Ifa, World Haiku Review and Other Voices.