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Room by Emma Donoghue reviewed by Claire Nurse
Room is the tale of five year old Jack and Ma, held captive by Old Nick in a twelve foot square room which offers only basic amenities and the occasional glimpse of the moon and the sun through the skylight; Room’s only window.
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N. Quentin Woolf “Writers, Writing” – a discourse on the processes of creating literature
In this sort of environment, with a little time to kill, one finds oneself asking the big questions of writing. What is it for, for one thing? What drives so many people to lay down words? To whom do we write, when we write? And what brings me here, week after week, to the writers’ group? Hell, I’m making a crust at it; what brings the rest of them?
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Muheez Busari “Letter from Paris” – a memoir.

My location is a strategic train station for international and domestic arrivals and departures for multitudes of travellers within Europe and around France. I usually refer to Gare du Nord as the gate to the city of Paris. As an Nigerian student arriving, for the first time in Paris, a European capital, I was stunned by the large number of Africans milling around this famous city that I thought I had arrived in Dakar instead of Paris.
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