Cosmas Chivandire

cosmas chivandire

Cosmas Chivandire

Any Gun Can Shoot

In full uniform he looks young, painfully so
as if just arrived from some LeRoi Jones play-
we are sitting at the bar, third car on the
Valhalla train headed for Kinshasa.

Around us are the sights, sounds and business
of the living, while gaunt light shadows meander
between me, the old general and young Achilles,
polishing metal.

He squints as he sips, just slightly-maybe
this is not his brand, I wonder does he know
that left alone in the jungle of it all, a man can shatter
into a thousand pieces and have to put himself
back together in the same night?

Then, as if observing some ancient dictum he
looks over, and with his hand on my shoulder calmly
pronounces confident as Custer; “Do not be alarmed sir
for over the years in my line of work, I have learnt nothing
if not this one truth, any gun can shoot.”


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