Yolanda Lindsay Mabuto

Love suffocates me.

My breath dances around its own grave.
Surreal intensity.
Burnt by touches, thoughts and memories.
Burnt by love.
Cold cruelty.
The ashes swiftly drift away.
Choked by the smoky tenderness,
Tenderness that melted into bitterness.
Throttled by a furious heart.
A livid soul.
Once married to sensual love, now widowed.
Alone, surrounded with nothing but tears.
An orphan to love itself.
Ripples of misery fill my streaming pain.
Pale with emotions.
Bright darkness blinds me.
Strangled by the love I knotted.
Love suffocates me.
Entwined in the hatred of love.
I’m losing every breath.
My heart screams as, strength leaks out of my weak body.
Love suffocates me.
Holding my breath, I’m bleeding.
Like shattered glass, I’m scattered into a thousand pieces.
No-one embraces me, just love’s betrayal.
Soft voices echo harsh words,
Words that remind me of how delicate yet vicious love can be.
Delicate cruelty.
Murdered by my own choice to love.
Out of breath.
My veins screech out as, love suffocates me.

yolanda mabuto

Yolanda Lindsay Mabuto

Art of love

Emotions colour the darkest places of a pierced heart
a rendition of painless art with a tinge of classical Mozart.
Floods of fiery tears painted by streaks of Van Gogh’s style,
Impressions of violent affection escaping from a venomous vial.
reds and blues cascade across a blackened glass canvas,
portraying an array of darkened feelings, intensely lifeless.
love is like this untouched dusty canvas.
Awaiting its artist.
When you find the one you love, take that brush of dainty tears
strike its corners and let it trickle down the delicate frame,
let the embroidered desire and warm emotions
reflect your passion in every shade
sincere yet serene.
Affection of both lucid grey and pale blues.
The art of love

Yolanda Lindsay Mabuto was born in 1988 in Zimbabwe. She has been published in eleven Forward Press anthologies. She is currently postgraduate Biomedical student in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


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