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SLQ Update

Magazine publication: Full issues of Sentinel Literary Quarterly will be published from January 2023. Only 50% of the content will be available to read at no cost online. The full issue will be available to purchase in paperback and Kindle. There will be some magazine posts in-between issues of our competition winners and selected book reviews,

Writing competitions: We shall resume the paused SLQ poetry competitions from with entries accepted from November 1, 2022 to December 31 2022 for January 2023 competition. Closing dates for the rest of 2023 will be 31st March (April 2023), 30th June (July 2023), and September 30th (October 2023)

Unpublished poems from January 2022 competition will be published online between October 22nd and 31st.

The cancelled April 2022 competition, majority of entrants in the April 2022 competition who chose not to move their entries to the January 2023 competition have been fully refunded their entry fees. If for any reason you have not yet received the invitation to move your entry or get a refund, please give us a nudge by email to


Judge’s Report and Results, January 2022

We are pleased to announce the results of the Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition (January 2022) judged by Mark Totterdell.

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Bath Time by Neil Elder

Bath Time

When I’m in the bath, and hear you arriving home,
I’m often sorry that you don’t come in to talk
to tell me about your day, like people do in films.
I would hide my modesty and you would
look lovely sipping chilled pinot grigio from a glass.

Granted, the bathroom is small and we have no chair
in here, and the edge of the bath is too narrow
for you to perch on comfortably,
and I suppose if you did come in I’d only complain
about the heat escaping, and you’d distract me
from my book with inane minutiae of your journey home
and the dismal office politics you can never leave alone.

On reflection I am glad the bathroom is so small
and we are not characters in a film,
because if we were you would be having an affair
that I would discover by chance one afternoon,
when a restaurant I know nothing about calls
to check the reservation you have made, triggering my paranoia
and ending with one of us meeting a watery
and violent death in the bath,
just like in the film you are so fond of.

Bath Time by Neil Elder was highly commended in the Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition (October 2021) judged by Rachel Long.


Neil Elder’s poetry concerns itself with the gap between what we think we know about people (and ourselves) and what we actually know. His collection The Space Between Us takes its title from this theme. His most recent book, Like This, is available from 4 Word Press. He occasionally blogs at Twitter @Eldersville

Previous works include: Codes of Conduct, shortlisted for a Saboteur Award, winner of the Cinnamon Press pamphlet competition, The Space Between Us, Being Present (BLER), And The House Watches On (Cicero Press), and Like This.