01 August 2020

Read of the day

The Paper Airplane

The paper airplane,
when it was thrown,
dropped like a rock.

Flowers, after being tossed
in the air,
dropped like flowers.

The kangaroo
played dead.
Then it got to its feet
and began to sing
in a strangled voice.
Then it
dropped like a rock.

(Through the trees
you could see patches
of daylight
giving up its fight
against the oncoming night.)

The nations, one by one,
consolidated together
and then dropped like rocks.

The red breasted robin
landed on the branch of a
black-trunked tree.
After a while
it gathered up all of its
feathered strength
and soared up toward the Heavens.

Joseph Buehler has published poems in Sentinel Literary Quarterly, Otoliths in Australia, H.C.E. Review in Dublin, Ottawa Arts Review in Canada and widely in the USA in North Dakota Quarterly, Common Ground Review, ArLiJo, Flatbush Review, The Opiate, The Tower Journal, The Write Room, Futures Trading, Angry Old Man Magazine and elsewhere. He lives in Georgia USA with his wife Trish.

Blast from the past

Cantankerous Butterfly

Cantankerous butterfly
Almost seems contradictory in terms
How something so beautiful and precious
Can also be so ugly
That gentle creation
Coaxed from its’ cocoon by forces unseen
Emerges with a flourish, a spectacle of beauty
Yet somehow it can also turn wrong
That’s how life seems sometimes
Paradoxical in all of its’ glory
Good versus evil
Beautiful but ugly
Ugly yet beautiful
The vibrant emergence of beings
Juxtaposed against a backdrop
Of maleficent acts causing death
Life is magnificent one minute
And quite harsh the next
Birth overshadowed by death
Joy robbed of its’ glimmering brilliance by sadness
Nothing in all of this madness makes sense
Unless you stop and take time to assess it
Learn to enjoy its’ kaleidoscopic nature
Breathe in and breathe out
Stop and smell the proverbial roses
Conventional wisdom says you only get to live once
So accept that side, the dark and ugly
And learn to appreciate the precious and lovely

‘Cantankerous Butterfly’ was published in Sentinel Poetry (Online) Magazine, March 2003

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