06 August 2020

Read of the day


The only way to evade nemesis
is to break both his legs.

And even though he’s crippled
he’ll still try to catch you

measuring your sprinting
heartbeat against his resolve.

Don’t look back – his face
will terrify you, your shield

is made of feathers. His claws
are clams. Be wary in spite of

his infirmity. His mind is a chasm
waiting for you to plunge into.

Chris Johnson has published poems several journals including Acumen, Orbis, and London Grip.

Blast from the past

Afam Akeh

Memorial City

That shameless one whose voice is loud,
whose ways are wild,
who is the reason the media frown
and cover their noses,
all I can hear is the rhythm of her heart,
her street bleeding oil and spices and struggle.

Another land, another life.
Chips for dinner, queues at checkouts.
The neighbours measure their laughter
and fart carefully.
They have never known Lagos:
Lagos swinging, Lagos jumping,
Lagos wild like a restive child
faith hugs to the breast, fall after fall.


‘Memorial City’ by Afam Akeh was published in Sentinel Poetry (Online) Magazine, April 2003. Akeh is the author of Letter Home & Biafran Nights (SPM Publications)