17 July 2020


Nietzsche in Torino

“Ideas and products and messages and behaviors spread like viruses do” (2000:7) – M. Gladwell

Wasn’t it Friedrich Nietzsche who said, ‘We are
where we are’. Listen carefully, you can hear
Wagner in the background, all muscular Rheingold
sunsets and dodgy ideology. Ah, no, I’m being told
it was colloquial usage, early twenty first century.
An easy mistake to make. Now, where was I?
Lombardy in lockdown.
Nietzsche wrote, of course.
Then went mad. They say the sight of a horse
being whipped was the tipping point. Gladwell
at the millennium. Ecco Homo. Contagion fell
across the city. The Alps shrank in the distance.
Funny how little things can make a big difference.
But we are where we are, as someone once said,
somewhere, about something I once read.

‘Nietzsche in Torino’ by Al Mcclimens won 3rd Prize in the Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition (March/April 2020) judged by Mandy Pannett.


Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition (July 2020)
Closing Date: 31 July 2020
Judge: Terry Jones
For original, previously unpublished poems in English Language, on any subject, in any style, up to 50 lines long. Poets of all nationalities living anywhere in the world are eligible to enter.
Learn more and enter online now at https://sentinelquarterly.com/competitions/poetry


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I beg your pardon!
A son of the Poet,
An Offspring of the poetry
of physical prose born
In the year my mates
were born, a normal child,
I went to school –
The school of the blind,
deaf and dumb tutored
in innocence and ignorance,
I left Ignorant
At the peak of my learning
For consciousness
had been awakened in me,
I lost my innocence to the wind;
The wind of learning that stalked
the Citadel.
Now live I in simplicity – abounding
there in blending temperament
and learning welding perception
and understanding walking
in fortitude and gratitude
Uncertain of my lack of simplicity.

© 2002, Nduka Ejibe Nduka | Reminiscence was published in Sentinel Poetry (Online) in December 2002.

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