24 July 2020


Red Triangle

Some things have their own signs –
workmen, deer, horse-drawn vehicles, ice.
Highways red-edge their warnings for us,
gradients, uneven roads, hump backed bridge.
Road-bound life is black and white,
block-stamped cars that queue or skid,
one that plunges clear across a quayside ledge.

Even toads have their own, a black blot
on a white ground, warts specked out,
wet glint in rain or halogen beam.
A swing-bridge pivots above ruffled waves,
a wind-sock flutters in a side wind.
Beware low flying aircraft, children,
elderly who prod across the road with sticks.

Some things give little warning –
a longer quietness in the traffic queue,
infrequent visits, unanswered texts,
fresh gossip beside the water-cooler.
We miss pangs, hints, cut corners, hurtle through
shared silences between work and sleep,
topple into stillness as the engine stops.

‘Red Triangle’ by Philip Williams was commended in the Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition (August 2019) judged by Roger Elkin.


Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition (July 2020)
Closing date: 31 July 2020
Judge: Terry Jones
This competition is for original, previously unpublished poems in English language, on any subject, in any style up to 50 lines long. Poems posted on members-only non-public groups for review/critique as part of the creative process are not deemed to have been previously published. Poets of all ages, gender or nationality living in any part of the world are eligible to enter.

Prizes: £250 (1st), £100 (2nd), £50 (3rd), £30 x 3 (High Commendation), £15 x (Commendation), 3 x SLQ Paperback (Special Mentions)

Fees £5/1, £8/2, £10/3, £12/4, £14/5, £16/7, £22/10)

Results: 31 August, 2020

Publication: Prize-winning, commended and specially mentioned poems will receive first publication in Sentinel Literary Quarterly magazine (online and print).

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EBRIG: Gone Dry

There is~~~[NO PLACE] between
upper Egypt and lower Sudan; not
even blackness has a place
(to Show)

The hindquarters
of the Devil Beast
is like a thick carpet
smothering our
Black Body
“red wined”
inbetween the river
and soot’s membrane

All around is Allah
All around is prayer

but there are no
silver fish in
the white clouds anymore
–and when the dawn’s
golden beams alight;
there is nowhere

to live

‘EBRIG: Gone Dry’ by Kola Boof was first published in Sentinel Poetry (Online) Magazine January 2003. Kola Boof is the author of Flesh and the Devil and Long Train to the Redeeming Sin: Stories About African Women.

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