30 July 2020

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‘Scrap’ by Jack Faricy won 3rd prize in the Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition (August 2019) judged by Roger Elkin.

Blast from the past

Myths and the Serpent

wound the snake round Milton’s tree
bloomed biblical mythos and the serpent said
he was light and He was lies
hidden in the juicy round of the trees
of life and knowledge
pomegranate and figs in Eden’s tropical
green sex and purity

monks swathed in honey mead and faith
wrote the word and kings
swallowed them delicious with the juices
fermented and the grace of ascension
surging back onto the land torn
and muddied with the tracks
of loyal minions

and that dark child of the new mythology
with black mists in his eyes
stripped pallid for the kings’ exaltation
and later flags of conquerors
erect on the exotic stolen grounds
of the trio that followed some northern star
to honor his barnyard birth
and prayer for salvation

they chased after the light of heaven
fallen through grey firmament and sand
hands worshipping against that holy ground
and beaten in the name of the pallor savior
that cried peace! upon the dusted lands
sang love on splintered tears
and bled Pax Romana on the hill.

‘Myths and the Serpent’ by MEGHAN L. QUINN was first published in Sentinel Poetry (Online) Magazine, March 2003


Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition (July 2020)
Closing date: 31 July 2020
Judge: Terry Jones
This competition is for original, previously unpublished poems in English language, on any subject, in any style up to 50 lines long. Poems posted on members-only non-public groups for review/critique as part of the creative process are not deemed to have been previously published. Poets of all ages, gender or nationality living in any part of the world are eligible to enter.

Prizes: £250 (1st), £100 (2nd), £50 (3rd), £30 x 3 (High Commendation), £15 x (Commendation), 3 x SLQ Paperback (Special Mentions)

Fees £5/1, £8/2, £10/3, £12/4, £14/5, £16/7, £22/10)

Results: 31 August, 2020

Publication: Prize-winning, commended and specially mentioned poems will receive first publication in Sentinel Literary Quarterly magazine (online and print).

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