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Charlotte Gann – Tunnel

Darren Demaree – Adoration #141
Laura Kayne – Prophet

Rehan Quayhoom – Soliloquy

Brett Stout – The Ashtray is full and on fire

Margaret Wilmot – Journey through Scythian Lands

Colin Honnor – From ‘Grace Notes’; ‘Weather Vane’, ‘Ghosts’, ‘Theme of Aquinas’, ‘The White Thorn Flowered’.

Mark Harrell – La Hollondaise (Sickert)

Eilidh Thomas – Small Things Lost

Vincent Gregory Yu – ‘Geography’, ‘Shapes’

Camilla Lambert – So you want to paint silence

Steve Hood – Unyoked

Caitlin Thomson – Preoccupation

Ofuma Agali – The Wood Splitter

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