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Reminiscing Paris

By Muheez Busari



Paris me manque! This sentence intrudes my consciousness each time I remember my beautiful time in this city of love, literature and opulent life. The movie Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen brought to mind the times I spent in Paris yet again. Each memory is relished in delicious chunks and bits; d’un endroit à l’autre au Paris, each section of the city relives its own unique experience for me. The movie scene at the magnificent bronze statue of “Le Penseur” at the Musée Rodin floods me with memories of academic discussions that often ensue, coincidentally at the same spot as the characters in the movie, as friends and I contemplate the sober meditation of the philosophic statue. However, the most striking of the reminiscence on seeing this movie was not of statues visited and leisure tours on the streets Paris, but the brief affair in a literary Mecca, situated in the heart of the city on the left bank of river Seine, Shakespeare and Company Bookstore.

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