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Sentinel Literary Quarterly January - March 2019

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Sentinel Literary Quarterly Paperback Jan - March 2019
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- Fiction -

Changing the Guard - Russell Heidorn

- Interview -

Mandy Pannett interviews Catherine Edmunds

- Drama -

Mister Hipster Meets The Barista - Warren Paul Glover

- Poems -

Unknown Me - Fiona Dye
Jointing a rabbit - A.C. Clarke
Rural Living - Mary Anne Smith
Saint Sebastian - Rory Brennan
Golgotha - Anthony Watts
Present Mirth - Doreen Hinchliffe
The Space Between Us - Colleen Predergast
About Light - Jude Neale
Something Lurks - Annest Gwilym
Inelastic Scattering - Robert kibble
Harbour - Amy Butler
A Certain Kind of Death - Anne Sheppard
How to make a Chough: an Origami Poem - John Gallas
Moth - Mark Stopforth
Doctor's Bag - Lisa Reily
Stand here to celebrate freedom - Bruce Marsland
Schrödinger’s Calculation - Derek Sellen
Redwing - Mark Totterdell
Curlew Moon - Camilla Lambert
My Horizon and the Sea - Chimalum Nwankwo
Love, The Name - Tess Adams
Crunching on Bones - Robbie Frazer
Bramble - Frances Knight
A 'Common's Affair - Alex Bickley

- Competition -

Terry Jones
will judge the May 2019
Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition closing on 31st may. This competition
is for original, previoously unpublished poems
in English language, on any subject, in any style, up to 50 lines long.
Learn more and enter competition now.

- Essays & Reviews -

Retrospectives and Projections:
Igbo Cosmogony and Sustaining Epistemologies
by Dr Chimalum Nwankwo

Book Review: How to Win at Kings Cross

Book Review: this close

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