July-September 2012

Of Wrong Water Buses and Other Offspring of Writers’ Worlds
slq july 2012 cover original

The July to September issue of Sentinel Literary Quarterly serves up a big harvest of poetry, fiction, essays and reviews. The first issue by the recently constituted editorial troika of Ngozi Chuma-Udeh, CHris Stewart, and Nnorom Azuonye, it offers exciting pieces from across the world. Full Editorial


What’s inside this issue?

The hyperlinked items are available and free to read online. A limited number of items published online also appear in print. An electronic version of the print edition is available in pdf format.


ABA AMISSAH ASIBON – The House in Kotokuraba | J.Y. NOBLE – How We Fall  |  KEVIN R. O’CONNOR – Faceless


SEE-N-SEE OZURUMBA – They Call You Daddy and Mummy | TOBI COGSWELL – Para Marco  |  TOBI COGSWELL – How to Live a Love Letter |  MARK FARRELL – Learning the Language | TIM MARSHALL – This Day  |  SAMUEL UGBECHIE – Million Miles Away  | A.J. HUFFMAN – A Butterfly in Amber  | STEVE URWIN – Bright Sunlight | JEFFREY C. ALFIER – Early Monday Train to Ancona Marittima |  A.J. MCKENNA – In Ruins  | LIZ ROWLANDS – New Recruits  | TOM PESCATORE – The Corsica | IRA LIGHTMAN – Restorant | MIKE HANN – Cruel Weather  |  RICHARD FEIN – Lamenting Long Lost Causal Friday | ALLISON DAVIES – Chinese Burns | KIRSTEN LUCKINS – Tidal  | J.P. CHRISTIANSEN – 78 | ANDREI VAN WYK – Scented Candles on a Faultline |  P.A. Morbid – Monday, 28th of May, 2012


ALISON LOCK Reviews Ibrahim’s The Whispering Trees.  | MANDY PANNETT Reviews Azuonye’s The Bridge Selection | N QUENTIN WOOLF – Writers, Writing #7: Publication. SLQ’s Critical Feedback Consultant, N Quentin Woolf continues his discourse on the processes of creating literature. | MIKE SMITH – Depth of Field, Using Detail in Fiction (excerpt)


NGOZI CHUMA-UDEH – Ovid’s Pyramus and Thisbe and Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet: Didacticism versus Emotionalism in the Ill-Fated Lover Motif.  | JULIE NOBLE – Serendipitous – the Wrong Waterbus for Venice.

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