Allison Davies

Chinese Burns


I never cried. Not when

I fell off my bike and skinned my

hands, or when the bus driver

was new and took a wrong


turn. We ended up miles from home.

Paula Jones made froggy sounds,

wet her knickers. Backseat

boys laughed,  stole


her specs. I didn’t cry then

or later, when Mam threw

the kitchen knife at dad, the

big one, that hung in the air like


the Cheshire cat’s smile. I

fought, made the bus boys

give back Paula’s specs. Todd

Briggs gave me a Chinese


burn. My wrist still hurt when I picked

up the knife from the floor. My eyes

hurt too like they’d been burned.

I never cried.


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Allison DaviesAllison Davies is a graduate of the MA in Creative Writing at Northumbria University and writes script, poetry and prose. Her work has been published in various locations and has won and been listed in several competitions, including the BBC Radio 4 Alfred Bradley Award. She is currently working on “Toast”, a play for production at ARC Stockton early in 2013.


Allison lives in Northumberland and makes occasional appearances on the performance poetry circuit in and around Newcastle Upon Tyne.  She is Director of a fair trade jewellery company, working with leprosy affected women in Nepal.





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