Of Wrong Water Buses and Other Offspring of Writers’ Worlds


The July to September issue of Sentinel Literary Quarterly serves up a big harvest of poetry, fiction, essays and reviews. The first issue by the recently constituted editorial troika of Ngozi Chuma-Udeh, CHris Stewart, and Nnorom Azuonye, it offers exciting pieces from across the world.


This issue was also billed to feature a supplement on Italian Literature. On reading this issue, you will find that there is not much on Italy or from Italy. We take responsibility for not marketing the supplement enough or correctly or both. However, our fiction editor, Ngozi Chuma-Udeh came up with a fine comparative study of Italian and English literatures in “Ovid’s Pyramus and Thisbe and Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet: Didacticism versus Emotionalism in the Ill-Fated Lover Motif”. This is how she introduces her essay:


When the classical Italian master storyteller was spawning his version of the archetypal ill-fated lover tale, Pyramus and Thisbe, little did he know that he was putting down for posterity a morality tale that will overcome the parsimoniousness of time and age, defy the barriers of boundary and culture, cross the impediment of language and belief and manifest in the literature of many cultures of the world as a didactic story that will live in many adaptive forms as long as there is life on this planet. The Italian legend of Pyramus and Thisbe is undeniably the derivational source of the ill-fated lover motif in world literature and it has succeeded in spreading the cadences of the Roman culture all over the globe as it transcended from one epoch to another.


The full essay is available only in print of pdf formats and can be obtained from our website.


Julie Noble’s short piece of travelogue/memoir, “Serendipitous – the Wrong Waterbus for Venice” leads us through a detailed, picturesque journey on the famous Italian waterways through “Torcello, where Hemingway regularly stayed. We are pleased to visit the Basilica here before the biggie at Venice.” This writing is full of atmosphere, and the reading experience might include a mental stimulation of the smells of the river intermingled with the freshness of freshly-laundered clothes sunning and waving like flags of many nations outside houses. Beautiful.


The offer offerings in this issue include 20 poems from authors including Mark Farrell, Tobi Cogswell, Tim Marshall, Samuel Ugbechie and P.A. Morbid. There are three short stories by Aba Amissah Asibon, J.Y. Noble and Kevin R. O’Connor.


We have two reviews in this issue of Abubakar Adam Ibrahim’s The Whispering Trees reviewed by Alison Lock, and Nnorom Azuonye’s The Bridge Selection, reviewed by Mandy Pannett.


In “Writers, Writing #7: Publication” SLQ’s Critical Feedback Consultant, N Quentin Woolf continues his discourse on the processes of creating literature, and prize-winning Mike Smith examines the place of detail in fiction writing in “Depth of Field, Using Detail in Fiction” Upcoming and established writers will find the two pieces by Woolf and Smith quite invaluable.


Welcome to the July to September 2012 issue of Sentinel Literary Quarterly.




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