See-N-See Ozurumba

They Call You Daddy and Mummy


They call you daddy and you nod

smiling like a child tickled

and the tickling so pampers you

you become a child at their Breasts.


They call you mummy and you smile

like a teenage girl being wooed

you smile and smile and lose yourself

to trapping tongues of praise.


You pose yourself as their shepherd

but while true shepherds shepherd their sheep

you waylay yours from your pool-pit

and in fear they all shepherd you.


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See-N-See (Constant Ngozi Chinenye) Ozurumba is from Umulu Ife, Ezinihitte Mbaise, Imo State, Nigeria. He is a member of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) and is published in different anthologies: Ogele (ANA-Imo Publication), Five Hundred Nigerian Poets, Ed. Jerry Agada, etc; Literary magazines – Idoto Magazine (University of Ibadan Department of English publication); E-newsletters –,, etc. and E-magazines – Saraba mag. 1st issue,,, etc. He is the MD/CEO of Zórbámbã Resources Ltd, a four-wheeled conglomerate, for contracts in Writings and Screenplay Productions, Civil Works/Constructions, Refined Oil Supplies and Agency Businesses.

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