Monday Writer

Every Monday, Sentinel Literary Quarter features a writer as a guest on our website. Every feature will include an author profile, an Interview and sample work by the guest.

Echezonachukwu Nduka
Monday Writer, 12 October 2020.
This is Echezonachukwu Nduka
Mary Jo Balistreri, Monday Writer, 05 October 2020.
This is Mary Jo Balistreri
Ukamaka Olisakwe, Monday Writer, 28 September 2020
This is Ukamaka Olisakwe
Mohammad Habeeb, Monday Writer, 21 September 2020
This is Mohammad Habeeb
Geoffrey Winch, Monday Writer, 14 September 2020
This is Geoffrey Winch
Jocelyn Simms, Monday Writer, 07 September 2020.
This is Jocelyn Simms
Debasish Parashar, Monday Writer, 31 August 2020.
This is Debasish Parashar
Dominic James, Monday Writer, 24 August 2020
This is Dominic James
Warren Paul Glover, Monday Writer, 17 August 2020
This is Warren Paul Glover
Gabriel Griffin, Monday Writer 10 August 2020
This is Gabriel Griffin
Richard Ali, Monday Writer 03 August 2020 is the author of City of Memories (a novel) and
The Anguish and Vigilance of Things (Poetry).
This is Richard Ali
Bruce Marsland, Monday Writer 27 July 2020 is the author of
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Those Footsteps Behind, and Quarantining: Poems in the Time of Corona.
This is Bruce Marsland
Peter Akinlabi

We are pleased to introduce Peter Akinlabi – author of ‘Pagan Place’ and ‘Iconography’ as the Sentinel Literary Quarterly Monday Writer 20 July 2020. Peter is not new to SLQ. In October 2009, his towering poem ‘Moving’ won the Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition.
This is Peter Akinlabi
Lesley burt

Our Monday Writer on 13 July 2020 is prize-winning and widely published poet Lesley Burt.
This is Lesley Burt
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amu nnadi

Our Monday Writer on 6 July 2020 is amu nnadi, author of the fire within, pilgrim’s passage, through the window of a sandcastle. a river’s journey, and a field of echoes.
This is amu nnadi