October to December 2011

IDENTITY Edited by E.C. Osondu

Never again will a single story be told as though it were the only one
– John Berger
Last summer, I was in Nigeria to promote the publication of the Nigerian edition of my book – Voice of America. The readings I gave in Nigeria were very far from the subdued bookish events that I had done for the book both in the U.S and in Europe. This was a Made in Nigeria book tour. It had the robustness and boisterousness that is so typically Nigerian. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

What I did not enjoy was having the phrase the danger of a single story thrown at me over and over again. None of those who harangued me with this phrase had heard of John Berger or read his novel G. The novel won the Booker Prize in 1972 and the writer famously donated half of the prize money to the Black Panther Party. They could care less about the origin of the expression that they now chanted like a mantra. Continue Reading >>

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Competitions Information.
Sentinel Annual Poetry Competition 2011 judged by Roger Elkin will close on the 15th of November. We now announce the January 2012 Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry and Short Story Competitions ending on 20th of December 2011 judged by Derek Adams and David Caddy respectively. The results of the October competitions are published here. Find below the judges’ reports.
Adnan Mahmutovic
Sentinel Literary Quarterly Short Story Competition (October 2011) Judge’s report.
Todd Swift
Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition (October 2011) Judge’s Report