SLQ – October-December 2012

Welcome to Sentinel Literary Quarterly October to December 2012 in online, eBook and print versions. Please note that titles not hyperlinked are only available in print and eBook versions which you can order from 16th November. All online items also appear in the eBook.


South Africa

ngozi chuma-udeh

Our country supplement this quarter is on South Africa featuring the big essay, ‘Discordia Concors in South African Literature: The Psychology of the Interregnum’ by Dr Ngozi Chuma-Udeh.


There are two short stories: ‘Black and White Blood’ by Ray Johnstone

and ‘Lady of the House’ by Khadija Magardie


Two poems ‘Khoi Khoi’ by Siyabonga Andre Dennis

and the tour de force, ‘From God to Dust’ by Jana Van Niekerk.


Regular Features


Workshop Essay

‘Writers, Writing #7: To Simon’ – Critical Feedback Consultant, N QUENTIN WOOLF continues his workshop essays on the processes of creating literature.



BETHANY W. HOPE – ‘Letters’. ‘Daniel’.

MARIA APICHELLA – ‘Untitled Sequence’



terry jones poet

TERRY JONES talks to Sentinel Literary Quarterly

“Definitionally and ontologically, I believe poetry can be the place where truth happens, where language is under most pressure to be trusted as what it is.”

Terry Jones, the Sentinel Literary Quarterly Interview


Short Stories


Baby Mama sashayed into the physical classroom with the tutorial well underway. She was the resident campus recruiter for one of the baby farms in the city…

’Once Upon a Country’ – a short story by MIKE EKUNNO


“Good fences make good neighbours.”

I bear this in mind as I high jump over the fence that separates Tony’s garden from mine. It’s a fence made of gingerbread, like something out of Hansel and Gretel. I knock on my neighbour’s front door


‘The Odd Jobs Man’ – a short story by LAURA SOLOMON

There are dead branches of acacia trees littered all over this place. This hospital. In concrete courtyards and parking lots, finding their place amongst lustrous machinery, expensive cars of red and silver; and open garbage bags spilling their contents lavishly, there are dead branches of acacia trees all over this place. This hospital….

‘Branches of Acacia Trees’ – short story by ZAINUB E. DALA


Sentinel Champions




DAVID PAUL JONES – ‘Lamplight’. CHRISTIAN WARD – ‘Justin’.


EILIDH THOMAS – ‘Safe Journey’. OZ HARDWICK – ‘Vinyl Junkie’

LYNN ROBERTS – ‘Rembrandt’s Self-portrait aged 63’.

CLAIRE COX – ‘The Secret of Small Strawberries’

E.K. WALL – Feeling the Wood of Father’s Bequeathed Desk

DIANA BISHOP – Hot Night. ROSEMARY KIRK – Mousetraps.

VALLEY GIRL – Snapshot.


Short Stories


SARAH EVANS – ‘Duopoly’. JULIA LACEY BROOKE – ‘Guilt Sweets’.

FIONNA BARR – ‘That Split Second’.


LEO MADIGAN – ‘The Naked Fisherman’


Writing Competitions


Closing January 21, 2013: SLQ Poetry Competition (December 2012)

Judge: Noel Williams

Prizes: £150, £75, £50, £10 x 3

Fees: £3 per poem, £11 for 4, £12 for 5


Closing January 21, 2013: SLQ Short Story Competition (December 2012)

Judge: Clare Girvan

Prizes: £150, £75, £50, £10 x 3

Fees: £5 per story, £8 for 2, £10 for 3 and £12 for 4


#11 is the last issue of Sentinel Champions as a standalone magazine. This writing competitions magazine is now a section in Sentinel Literary Quarterly. It is a great issue to end the run of Sentinel Champions with work by such established great writers as Terry Jones, Oz Hardwick, Matt Bryden, Andy Humphrey, Annette Volfing, Robert J. Miles, Sarah Evans and Caroline Clark amongst others. Buy Sentinel Champions #11 in print or eBook.