Safe Journey

Eilidh Thomas


Before you leave for Frenchtown let me know

if you can change a car wheel…  And have you

packed a SatNav and food and drink to go

on five hundred and ten miles of road hell?

On your own! … Whatever happened to Anton?

…ok,ok I’ll keep my mouth shut, just send

an email, or give a call, or message on

twitter so I don’t go right round the bend

wondering if you’re lying in a ditch,

being chased shotgun across Alabama,

or got drunk and taken up with some bitch…

…sorry, sorry I’ll try to be calmer…


…Did I say I’ve got brochures to peruse?

It should be safe, in the Med, on a cruise.


‘Safe Journey’ was commended in the Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition, April 2012


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