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The Space Between Us – poem by Colleen Predergast


The Space Between Us

Your hand held out – palm
pressed to mine – a spark; new warmth
kindled in my heart.

Cocooned, the car dark;
Stories spin, intimate. Each
mile, we inch closer.

A crowded bar; buzz
of noise, voices rise. Your eyes
lock mine; silence grows –

the space between us
barely hair’s-breadth – then, we kiss –
(planets pause for this)

your lips on mine, my
palm against your cheek, our breath
shared – the world turns blurred.

We part. Drunk, I sway
onto the last train. Cold. Air
where you were. I’m raw.

Night. In bed alone,
I stroke my skin. It’s late. I
wish my hands were yours.



The Space Between Us – poem by Colleen Predergast was commended in the Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition (August 2018) judged by Roger Elkin