Kimberley-Rose Kasirowore

If Barbie were real

If Barbie were real,
Her body would probably not be in proportion.
She would be working to attain her figure
Like the rest of us

Let me tell you,
my only problem is never being able to find jeans that fit
my hips and thighs
change clothes and walk out of whatever store.
If only it was that easy to change people’s minds.


We females don’t woo men,
we women that possess the power, poise and prowess
to give birth. And, rock
the cradles of our baby grower suited leaders of tomorrow.
Our real beauty exists in the sharp contrast we
Play against our perceived arch nemesis.


Ballerina Barbie, Ice-skater Barbie
Ski Barbie and the rest.
If Barbie were real, let me tell you that girl would be stressed.
I doubt she’d be able to deal with stretch marks.
Maybe the baby’d help everyone see,
when Barbie’s baby daddy’s taken off with Skipper-
Oh the humanity!


But that’s all hypotheses
cause Barbie ain’t real and if she was
she’d more likely end up on a documentary on channel four
than get a man, cause real men prefer real women.
Pear shaped, small breasted women.

Big breasted, one side bigger than the other breasted,
real breasted, confident women.
Big bootied, tiny bootied, as long as it’s your’s and it’s cushion booty, happy beautiful women.

If Barbie were real, she probably wouldn’t have survived,
So may I please ask that we all stop living white lies,
and learn to appreciate all women, real women, women like we.

Kimberley-Rose Kasirowore is a London based poet and recently featured at Ledbury Poetry Festival. She is in the process of co-writing a dialogic poetry pamphlet with a friend.

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